What is Spearfishing?

​The simple definition of spearfishing is to fish with a spear. If you are new to spearfishing, you may be picturing yourself on the rocks trying to throw a spear at a fish… don’t worry thats not how we do it at Top Shot Spearfishing. Top Shot Spearfishing has all the gear to keep you safe, warm and aiming true. Spearfishing masks, snorkels, fins and wetsuits are designed to keep you comfortable and help to make your spearfishing excursion enjoyable. Custom designed 3 Prong tip spearguns and traditional barbed shaft spearguns will ensure your catch is secured and on the grill in no time! Top Shot Spearfishing teaches you the fundamentals and helps you become a safe and effective spearo quickly.


Can anyone learn to spearfish?

If you can snorkel, Top Shot Spearfishing can teach you how to spearfish! ​Top Shot Spearfishing has developed a unique step by step educational system that focuses on building fundamental skills that will introduce you to spearfishing both safely and effectively. We hold a strong focus on conservation, invasive species control, and educate our guests on Hawaii State Fishing Regulations, as well as dive locations, currents and ocean conditions. Top Shot Spearfishing pledges to pass on our years of spearfishing knowledge and welcomes you into the amazing world of spearfishing! Read what other guest have to say about Top Shot Spearfishing excursions on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

How does Spearfishing help the ecosystem?

In the 1950’s, 15 species of invasive fish were introduced to Hawaii, the goal was to replenish dwindling fish stocks. Unfortunately without native predators the invasive fish began to over populate the reef, causing an imbalance. A popular example is the Roi (Peacock Grouper). Not only did the Roi lack predators in it’s new Hawaiian waters, but it began to retain Ciguatera, which is toxic when ingested in large dosages. Without being harvested for food, the Roi multiplied and began damaging our fragile ecosystem.  Spearfishing is one of the only methods to remove dangerous invasive species like the Roi. For every one Roi removed from the reef, 142 other reef fish are saved.

Spearfishing is also the most selective method of fishing. Each shot brings in just one fish. Each fish was specifically selected by the diver who studied the size and type of fish before even considering the shot. Net fishing often catches an over abundant amount of fish and sometimes the wrong kind and size. Pole fishing also lacks the ability to see the catch before hooking it.

Spearfishing helps protect fish that are too small and targets specific species that can be consumed. We believe every shot should be purposeful, to protect the reef and feed your ohana. Check out our recipe page (coming soon) for tips on cooking your catch!

What should I expect on a Top Shot Spearfishing Excursion?

Once you start hunting underwater, fishing will never be the same! Expect to spend hours in the water learning about Hawaii’s unique ocean life and the art of the spearo. Hawaiian spearfishing is challenging, selective and fun! Best of all, you can choose exactly what you catch! Just aim true and fire! Top Shot Spearfishing excursions are designed to equip, educate and have you safely and effectively enjoying spearfishing in Hawaii’s beautiful waters.

What should I bring on my excursion?

​You are going to be in the sun and ocean so please bring: 
Swim Suit
Clean shaven face (guys, it keeps the mask from leaking)
Snack and H2O

Top Shot Spearfishing provides:
Low volume freediving mask
J-Tube Snorkel
Marseilles Style Weight belt and weights
Aimrite Speargun
Professional spearfishing guide